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Teodor Salparov: ‘Our group is the strongest one’

Submitted on Thursday, 25 September 2008One Comment
Teodor Salparov: ‘Our group is the strongest one’

The Bulgarian volleyball player Teodor Salparov commented yesterday’s classification of Bulgaria’s national volleyball team in group C along with Russia, Cuba and Japan. Salparov said that in spite of the statements that this is an easy group, the truth is completely different and all three teams had equal chances of winning the first place in the group and therefore going to the finals.

‘It will definitely be hardest with the Russian team, since we have a negative balance with them. We win much more often against Cuba. Our chances will grow if the international federation FIVB considers the second-ranked team’s indexes when choosing a ‘wild card’. There’s no point of Asian team with no chances of success at the finals to compete in further stages of the World League’, added Salparov.