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Russia relies on her projects in Bulgaria

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Russia relies on her projects in Bulgaria

Russia may agree to remove the intermediaries from the gas contract with Bulgaria and will not give up on the construction of the Nuclear power plant Belene despite the crisis. The president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev stated, that the country seeks “transparent and direct relationship regarding the gas shipments”.

The website of the Kremlin published the interview of Medvedev for the Bulgarian national television from January 30th. Medvedev said that the relationship between Russia and Bulgaria is not measured by years (the year of Bulgaria in Russia will begin soon, and the Bulgarian president Georgi Parvanov will attend the opening on February 4th), but by decades and centuries – a vast array of events.

The president of Russia also addressed the issues of the important projects like Southern stream, Burgas-Alexandroupolis and other energetics related projects. He also discussed the co-operation in pharmacy, chemical industry, transport.

The gas crisis, ironically preceeding the Year of Bulgaria, is not “tragic event” according to Medvedev – “the responsibility belongs to the political situation in a transit country”. To avoid similar situations, Medvedev suggests a wide, cross-country consultative agency.

He also suggests the acceleration of projects like Southern stream, which will create alternative routes for the acquisition of energy resources.

When asked by Bulgarian journalists what can be done to optimize the gas transfer between the Russia and Bulgaria, Medvedev answered that the Russian side does not feel any need of intermediaries: “Russia is ready to trade with Bulgaria directly, on behalf of the gas provider Gazprom. Russia does not need intermediaries to trade gas to Bulgaria, if these intermediaries will break the scheme of provision or increase the cost of gas for the consumers”.

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