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New taxes for hunters

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New taxes for hunters

Hunters give up on their hobby because of the new annual tax of 50 leva for the managing of the game. With this tax, approved by the government on January 1st, the expenses of the hunters go over 100 leva. The sum includes the 20 leva paid by the forestries.

Last year, the tax was only 30 leva. Hunters in Shumen calculated that all the expenses for the preparation of the battues go over 200 leva, which should be paid by the end of January.

The new tax is made up by the management of the National forest agency, and is not our business, explained the secretary of the hunting union “Sokol 1911” Yanko Ivanov. “Just from our union, they will get over 100 000 leva. We wonder what will they be spent on”, ask the hunters.

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