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Georgi Gergov purchases “Radisson”

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Georgi Gergov is currently negotiating the purchase of the hotel Radisson. This was confirmed by the businessman himself for the newspaper Standard.

He has already paid a deposit of 330 000 euro to participate in the deals for the emblematic hotel in the yellow-paved part of Sofia.

“The last price I heard, was 80 million euro”, said Gergov. To provide finances for the deal, he is ready to part with his hotel chain “Slanchev den” in the resort “Saints Konstantin and Elena”.

On Tuesday, the website Bulgaria News announced that the businessman went to Luxembourg to part with his property.

“A lot of lies have been said about the sale of “Slanchev den”. I am a businessman, and I sell and buy constantly”, stated the tourism boss. He denied the claims about the price of “Slanchev den”. “It’s funny when someone says that “Slanchev den” costs 9 million. Why would the bank credit me with 60 million if the price was so low”, said he.

He added that he’d already spoke with several potential buyers. They however, offer very low prices. Gergov did not want to share what sum would be sufficient to part with the seaside resort.

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