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The opinion of tourists in Pamporovo – a campaign

Submitted on Tuesday, 16 December 2008No Comment
The opinion of tourists in Pamporovo – a campaign

Hotel owners in Pamporovo, with the support of the three municipalities in the region – Smolyan, Chepelare and Devin – begin a massive research of tourist opinions in the region. It will go on for four months; it’s goal being understanding the preferences and criticism of the tourists.

Opinion on the quality of services, the quality of the infrastructure, attractions and entertainment in the resort are just a few among the questions that the hotel owners seek the answers of.

Over 90% of the hotels in the region take part in the first such initiative and will encourage their guests to fill in their research papers.

The mayor of the Smolyan municipality – Dora Yankova – co-operates actively with hotel owners to realize that project and awaits the result’s analysis, expected in March 2009. Tens of thousands of opinions are expected.

“If we want to offer an attractive tourist service – it’s important that we turn our eyes to the truth and ask our customers for their expectations and criticism”, comments Krasen Krastev – owner of the Royal Lodge hotel.