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Nostalgy for the old Nesebar

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Nostalgy for the old Nesebar

There was tangible nostalgy for the old Nesebar at the sixth International expo for cultural tourism in Veliko Tarnovo. The photograph exposition with pictures of Nesebar from a hundred years ago ressurected the image of the city in it’s old-fashioned beauty. The exposition was called “Nostalgia for the old city” and was a resounding success among the guests of the expo event.

Nesebar is one of the oldest cities in both Europe and the entire world, a crossing of the cultural layers of at least five civilizations of the human history. The city is included in the international historical and cultural heritage list of UNESCO as a priceless monument of history. “Nostalgia for the old Nesebar” was organized for the fourth anniversary of the city’s inclusion in this list.

This status creates a huge opportunity for the development of the cultural tourism in the municipality. This type of tourism is already a priority for development of the city to the mayor, mr. Nikolai Dimitrov. The participation of Nesebar at this international expo and it’s enormous success proves the role of the city for the Bulgarian cultural tourism as a whole.