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No Bulgarians infected with the swine flu

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No Bulgarians infected with the swine flu

“So far, we have no data for Bulgarian citizens infected with the new virus flu H1N1.” Those were the words of dr. Tencho Kolev, chief healthcare inspector of Bulgaria, for the radio program “Saturday 150” of the Bulgrarian Natonal Radio.

Tenev added that by this morning, there are 144 confirmed cases of swine flu in the US.

“The general opinion is that on-time treatment with the proper medicaments has a very positive effect”, added the chief healthcare inspector.

He clarified that the flu is spreading very fast, and despite all precautions, it crosses borders quickly and can not be stopped from spreading easily.

Tencho Tenev said that the information for the flu has been polarizing so far; on one side, there is an extremely difficult situation in Mexico, and on the other, the US, Canada and Europe claim that the epidemic is of medium scale and is not deadly.

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