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February 5th: Russia acknowledges the Independence of Bulgaria

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February 5th: Russia acknowledges the Independence of Bulgaria

The acknowledgement of the Bulgarian independence by Russia is among the many historical events that mark the date February 5th. The Independence of Bulgaria was declared on September 22nd 1908 in the church “St. Fourty martyrs” in the ancient capital Veliko Tarnovo. The independent Bulgarian kingdom was acknowledged by the powerful countries of Europe in the spring of 1909.

Russia acknowledged Bulgaria’s independence first, during times of tension between the recently freed country and Western powers. Russia aslo helped with agreements that dealt with several serious financial issues. Treaties between Russia and Turkey, Bulgaria and Turkey and Russia and Bulgaria were signed in 1909. After those treaties, Turkey and the Western powers acknowledge the Independence of Bulgaria in April 1909. With the declaration of independence, Bulgaria becomes an equal to the European countries.

Bulgaria becomes a kingdom qualified to participate in the international relations, and Prince Ferdinand I accepted the title Tsar of Bulgaria. This also gave opportunities to struggle for the freedom of the Bulgarian lands that were still enslaved in Thrace and Macedonia.

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