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A bulgarian thought out a global mobile network

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A bulgarian thought out a global mobile network

Numerous online medias announce, that a 23 year old bulgarian university student in USA Milen Nikolov thought out a technology for mobile phones, that ensures mobile connection through an ad-hoc mobile network named РњANET, that will encompass the entire planet Earth – and even in Space.

The bulgarian was among the ten awarded people of the Symbian contest for ideas that will move the mobile industry forward in the future.

The technology is based on gathering signal from nearby mobile phones, and beacause of that the system could work even without a mobile tower installed nearby.

In an interview for bulgarian medias Nikolov shares that the idea came to him in the metro, where he got irritated because he didn’t have mobile signal. According to him, the mass distribution of this technology is cheap and can be used by the military industry and by NASA for space flights near the Earth.

The bulgarian is a student in the american college Brockport, where also the first bulgarian Google employee – Momchil Kiurkchiev – also studies.

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