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Topalov on the lead two rounds before the end

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Topalov on the lead two rounds before the end

Veselin Topalov made a decisive step towards the title in the latest chess supertournament for the season in the Chinese city Nanzin, defeating the Ukrainian Vasilii Ivanchuk in a chess game in the 8th round.

The Bulgarian chessmaster with the black figurines made his oponent surrender in the 58th turn and now is the leader in the rankings with 5,5 points. At the same time, the Chinese chessmaster Sianczu Bu lost to Piotr Svidler and remains with 4,5 points.

Levon Aronyan has the same amount of points, sharing his point with Sergey Movsesyan in the 8th round. Svidler has 4 points, and Ivanchuk is surprisingly the outsider with just 2,5 points.