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Stara Zagora to dispose of garbage with military technologies

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Stara Zagora to dispose of garbage with military technologies

The newspaper “Standard” announced that a Russian firm offered the municipality of Stara Zagora the construction of a new garbage disposal factory using military technologies.

The factory will use top-notch technologies from the military complex “Saturn”. According to prof. dr. Renold Iovchev, the method of work will include dissolving the garbage inside a thermal reactor, which replaces the typical and harmful for the environment burning.

He presented the offer of the Russian investment company “Aurora” to the municipality officials. A factory like the one in the proposal can dispose of 100 tons of garbage per day, emitting up to 3,2 megawatts of electric energy in the process.

The profits from this electricity can reach up to 1,8 million leva per year, and even the remains from the dissolving process can be successfuly used during road construction works.

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