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Bulgaria and Lithuania will co-operate in tourism

Submitted on Thursday, 12 March 2009No Comment
Bulgaria and Lithuania will co-operate in tourism

The government press centre announced that the council of ministers approved the project for a co-operation treaty in the tourism business between the governments of Bulgaria and Lithuania.

According to the treaty between the two countries, they will co-operate in the exchange of statistics and tourism information, will aid the development of organized and individual tourism and the participation in international initiatives. The treaty will also concern combined tours and mutual initiatives towards third countries and markets, as well as the creation of trade companies with the participation of foreign capitals, the establishment of the needed infrastructure for this co-operation, mutual investments in the field of tourism, etc. The two countries will work on popularizing the ecological tourism, the organizing of exhibitions, and the exchange of business delegations.

They will also develop the co-operation in the field of education and practice of tourism personnel, the exchange of scientists, experts and journalists. Bulgaria and Lithuania will be able to open information offices on each other’s territory.