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Velingrad wins projects for “Beautiful Bulgaria”

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Velingrad wins projects for “Beautiful Bulgaria”

The municipality of Velingrad won several projects under the National program “Beautiful Bulgaria”, announced Rositsa Pashova from the municipality of Velingrad.

The first project assignment is for a indoors swimming pool. The project is worth 280 000 leva. The municipality will provide 64% of the financing of the project, and the rest will be provided from the ministry of labour and social politics.

The activities laid out in the project are for the changing of the woodwork, fixing the roof and the facade, changing of water pipes and new panelling. The building will also be thermally insulated.

The other two projects are for the repair of the Municipal children complex and the repair of the house of Kata Kalpazanova in the district Kamenitza. The repairs of the children complex will cost 201 660 leva, and the municipality will provide 50% of the sum. The house of Kata Kalpazanova will also be thoroughly renovated, which will cost 162 618 leva. The municipality will, once again, provide 50% of the sum.

“The good news is, that the money that the municipality provides will be reimbursed after the repairs are nover”, clarified Pashova.

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