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The Virgin Mary is honored today

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The Virgin Mary is honored today

The Christian holiday Fair of the saint Virgin Mary is today, December 26th. On the day after Christmas, devout Christians gather to glorify with songs of praise and gratitude in honor of the holy Virgin Mary that gave birth to the Savior.

On this day, people also honor the memory of the righteous saint Iosif Obruchnik of the Virgin saint and the memory of king David as a glorious ancestor of Jesus Christ and Jacob, first archbishop of Jerusalem.

The day is declared for an official holiday by the 36th National assembly on December 10th 1991. With a decision of the Second national common assembly of the union “Women for equality and dignity” (March 28th 1997), the ecclesiastical holiday of St. Iosif Obruchnik, the earthly father of Jesus, became the official father’s holiday.