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The sight of four extremely underweight babies – saved

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The sight of four extremely underweight babies – saved

The team of the MBAL “Tokuda Hospital Sofia” saved the sight of four babies with extremely small weight.

For the first time in Bulgaria, the doctors used a medicine that cures the sight problems of prematurely born babies at a very early stage. Finding out about the illness is key for the medication at the moment. It also depends on the modern technologies and good collaboration between doctors. The results will be announced at the National conference of the Union of eye-specialists of Bulgaria in Borovets between June 4th – 6th 2009.

“All four children were prematurely born, and thus very underweight – between 700 and 1000 grams”, announced dr. Radka Maslarska, chief doctor of the depatment of Neonatology of “Tokuda Hospital Sofia”. She elaborated on the risk factors for the development of eye problems in children at that stage in their life.

“Our quick reaction allows us to find the illness and treat it with a specific medicine”, said the head doctor of the ophthalmology department of “Tokuda Hospital Sofia” dr. Veselin Daskalov.

All four babies are with their families and healthy. Their condition is monitored to ensure that children ophthalmologists are acquainted with the stages of the treatment of the illness.

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