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The rocks of Belogradchik – now first!

Submitted on Monday, 16 February 2009No Comment
The rocks of Belogradchik – now first!

The unique rock formations near Belogradchik are now first in the international rankings for the new seven wonders of nature, surpassing the Devillish city in Serbia and the renown Grand canyon in North America.

This was announced today by the mayor of Belogradchik Emil Tsankov. He is convinced that the excellent result is due to the massive advertising campaign that circulates the Bulgarian media. Last week the Bulgarian Telecommunication Agency and the Bulgarian National Radio became official partners of the Bulgarian natural wonder. The Bulgarian National Television is also among the media partners.

The rock formations of Belogradchik are now first in the category “Caves, rock formations and valleys”. Voting ends on July 7th, and the National initiative committee encourages any supporters of the Bulgarian cause to vote at: