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The monastery “St. Konstantin and Elena” will be renovated

Submitted on Thursday, 1 January 2009No Comment
The monastery “St. Konstantin and Elena” will be renovated

The archbishop of Varna Kiril announced that the monastery “St. Konstantin and Elena” will be renovated. A bank account for donations for the reconstruction of the holy place will also be opened.

The monastery was built in the 16th century, and restored in 19th century. According to the archbishop, many of the renovations to this date were improper. He added, that the bishopric intends to restore the authentical look of the whole complex. Right now, the building has two storeys. The church intends to add three more.

“St. Kiril and Elena” is the only monastery in Bulgaria and Europe, from whose altar springs holy water, said the archbishop Kiril. He clarified, that after the monastery’s restoration, it could become a centre for religious tourism.

The tourism chamber of Varna approved of the idea, and gave a special reward to the monastery to encourage the project and to help continue the spiritual activity. Archbishop Kiril plans three new monasteries in the vicinity, but their locations are yet to be clarified.