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The hotels along the river Arda – full

Submitted on Monday, 20 April 2009No Comment
The hotels along the river Arda – full

The hotel base along the shores of the river Arda are almost 100% full, announced the mayor of the village Mogilitsa and chairman of the Council for development of tourism in the region Mitko Chochev.

There are over 30 small hotels and private houses for guests in the region. Chochev added that they are mostly visited by Bulgarian tourists, who are coming to the surrounding villages for the holidays. All tourist attractions in the region are operating at the moment. The cave Uhlovitsa, “Agushevite” camps, the Tarzan gardens and the spring of Arda are the most popular attractions around.

Chochev added that tourists like to explore the dozens of ecological paths along the upper shores of one of the biggest Bulgarian rivers on the back of the horse or on an ATV. The Greek entrepreneur Dimitris Alexudis recently organized an exhibition of Easter eggs. They were hand-crafted by Greek and Bulgarian children.