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The forebridge – symbol of Burgas

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The forebridge – symbol of Burgas

The forebridge is the most visited spot in the whole city, both by tourists and citizens. It was built in the eighties of the 20th century. The forebridge was chosen to be a symbol after an inquiry where 15 thousand citizens gave their votes for it, favoring the spot over the “St. Kiril and Metodii” church, the municipality office building, the Drama theatre “Adriana Budevska”, the clock on the “Bogoridi” str., and others.

The idea of the “Tourism” department is to use the symbol of the city as a trademark of Burgas at international conventions and expos.

The municipality intends to repair and renovate the forebridge to make it more attractive for visitors. According to the head of the local Tourist informational center Diana Kolcheva, the choosing of the forebridge as a symbol will accelerate the procedure of it’s transition as municipal property. After that process, a competition for renovation projects will be arranged.