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The first Bulgarian to pay a million in taxes for 2009

Submitted on Sunday, 12 April 2009No Comment

The first millionaire in paid taxes for 2009 is already a fact. The newspaper “Standard” informs that a wealthy Bulgarian paid over one million leva in taxes, after sending in the declaration for his incomes for the last year.

After the introduction of the flat tax of 10%, to pay taxes of over one million leva, the annual income of that person must be at least ten times over that limit, or 10 million leva.

The deadline for sending in the annual taxes declarations for income outside of the working contracts for 2008 is April 30th. This is also the deadline to pay the aforementioned taxes.

The local millionaires, just like all Bulgarians, can save 5% of the taxes they owe the country by sending in their annual tax declaration online with an electronic sign by April 30th. Thus many people with larger tax sums can wait right about the deadline before sending in their declarations.