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The “Brisbane” flu attacks Bulgaria during Christmas

Submitted on Tuesday, 9 December 2008No Comment
The “Brisbane” flu attacks Bulgaria during Christmas

The “Brisbane” flu will attack Bulgaria during Christmas and New Year’s – or at least so predicts doctor Angel Kunchev, director of the “Contageous diseases” department of the ministry of health. He added, that people sick with the aggressive Australian virus are already registered.

The virus will most likely fly over with the Bulgarians coming back for the holidays from western Europe. The National laboratory for contagious diseases isolated the more harmless viruses that attack the throat, explains the laboratory executive docent Rositsa Kotseva.

“Brisbane” leads to serious complications in the respiratory organs. The symptoms are similar to last year’s virus “Solomon isles” – high temperature, aching muscles, headache. The flu can lead to more complicated conditions like bronchitis and pneumonia.

Doctor Kunchev announced, that the anti-flu vaccine offered this year includes the “Brisbane” virus.