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“Super Borovets” wants certificate for ecological superiority

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The main investor of the ski resort “Super Borovets” will apply for a certificate with an ecological standard EMAS. This standard guarantees that all actions, products and services of the resort are under ecological control. “Super Borovets” is still a project, and only it’s scale model is ready.

EMAS is an european routine that ensures the safety of nature, and was introduced in 2001. So far, no bulgarian company has an EMAS certificate. The concept of the investors involves numerous ecological measures; among them are the construction of houses that control their temperature on their own, the production of electricity from renewable sources, a garbage management system.

As a result of the plans, the expected cost of “Super Borovets” grows to 750 million euro, as opposed to the previous estimate – 500 million euro. According to the investors, the decision for the ecological emphasis of the resort will make it immensely popular and will improve it’s worth. The plans also include “Ecomarking” for each hotel in the resort. This marking is given to services and goods that follow strict criteria of energy consumption and cleanness.

Because of “Super Borovets”, the “Rila-buffer” zone remained outside the ecological network “Natura”. Activists protested against the planned felling of entire forests. The activists refused to comment the new plans of “Equest”.

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