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Sunny beach expects a good season

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Sunny beach expects a good season

“We see a decrease in the numbers of all sorts of tourists, which was expected in the conditions of a financial crisis. There is a drop in the German, Scandinavian and British markets. This is very normal at the moment. I think that there was enough pessimism and everyone is in a state of quiet desperation, when we really have to be optimistic and work hard to fix the situation”, says Malina Stratieva, chief executive of the national company “Sunny beach” AD.

According to her, the tourists for 2009 are expected to fill the hotels at about 60-70% of their capacity, and they might even reach the levels of last year of about 70-75%. The Union of hotel owners in Sunny beach are also optimists for the season.

At the same time, it’s still unclear who will take care of the infrastructure of the complex. The conflicting sides are the government and the union “Sunny beach” AD on one side, and the municipality of Nesebar and the hotel owners on the other.