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Private veterinaries sign a general contract in days

Submitted on Wednesday, 19 November 2008One Comment

“The talks with private veterinaries are coming to a successful end”, was yesterday’s announcement of the new board director of the National veterinary office, Iordan Voinov.

In a few daysm a national general contract between the minister of agriculture and foods Valery Tsvetanov and the professional organization of veterinaries of Bulgaria will be signed. Without their help, the informational system of Bulgaria can’t function properly and can’t be kept up to date properly, according to the first veterinary. And a functioning informational system is the exact requirement of the EU to pay the stock breeders per cattle capita.

After the signing of the contract, all private veterinaries in Bulgaria – 1040 in total – will receive an up-to-date information for the condition of animals in their region for a modest price. The concept is to give each veterinary a laptop computer with internet connection, i.e. the means to update information regularly. That way, he not only updates his personal register, but the national reference system as well.

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