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Parallel protest of university students in Sofia and Varna

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Parallel protest of university students in Sofia and Varna

The union for development and society control of university students informed for a parallel protest of students in Sofia and Varna this Wednesday at 11:00.

The protests in Sofia will take place in front of the building of the National assembly. The protest in Varna will begin with a procession from the Economics institute to the city court, where the young people will protest while the court is trying the case of the murderer of Svetlan from the village Trastikovo.

According to members of the student organization the goal of the protest is to criticize the proposed new laws by the government that would render any protests ineffective. According to Rumen Zahariev from the organization SROKSOS the Bulgarian government does not want to see the discontent of the citizens. According to him, the democracy in Bulgaria is now just a facade, beneath which totalitarian government returns.

“The Government wants to push back the discontent of citizens to keep their facade clean”, added he, and invited all citizens interested in their rights to disagree with the government to participate in the protests on Wednesday.

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