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‘One World’ film festival in Burgas

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‘One World’ film festival in Burgas

The festival of documentary movies for human rights ‘One world’ is coming with its first marine edition in Butgas to answer to questions such as ‘What is democracy?’ and ‘What does it mean to have human rights?’, as well as put some others for discussion.

The house for human rights which organizes the Festival in Bulgaria and Eurodialogue Union – coorganziator in Burgas, will present nearly 20 documentary films dedicated to the themes ‘The right to know’, ‘Women traffic’, ‘Freedom of speech’.

During October 2007 over 40 television channels broadcasted the collection of 10 documentaries under the heading ‘Why do we need democracy’. The films were watched by more than 300 million viewers and now the same will happen in Burgas.

The productions belong to independent directors, winners of world-known prizes from the most prestigious film festivals from countries like China, India, USA, Japan, Liberia, Bolivia, Denmark, Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan and Russia. They provoke many questions affecting the world we live in today.