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More Bulgarian students desire to study in the UK

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More Bulgarian students desire to study in the UK

After Bulgaria’s acceptance in the EU, college taxes fell and now more and more Bulgarian students decide to study abroad. The number of Bulgarians admitted to universities in the United Kingdom has doubled compared to last year.

Before Bulgaria became a full-fledged member, fees for the UK universities were between ВЈ9000 and ВЈ12 000 for a Bachelor’s programme. Now all taxes dropped to ВЈ3000. As a result, 808 from 1056 applying students have been admitted. Last year’s numbers were 389 and 549, respectively. Another important factor for the increased number of Bulgarian students willing to study in the UK is the new opportunity for foreign students to apply for a low-interest loan.

The UK is under number 3 in the Bulgarian’s wish-list. First comes Germany – nearly 13 000 students choose to study there. The US draws about 3500 students annually.

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