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Lеаder-Novoto vreme begin ecology campaign

Submitted on Wednesday, 20 May 2009No Comment
Lеаder-Novoto vreme begin ecology campaign

The mayor of Kiustendil Petar Paunov leads the national election office of the coalition “Lider-Novoto vreme” (Leader-The New times).

He was presented to journalists by the chairman of “Leader”, Kancho Filipov. Paunov is the mayor of Kiustendil since 2007. He was also one of the candidates for the chairman position in SDS.

The accents of the campaign will be spreaded among various regions, said Paunov. According to him, the campaign for the European Parliament will be very positive for both parties in the coalition. He doesn’t expects any scandals to surround them.

The coalition stated that during their campaign, there won’t be a single poster of their candidates glued to a wall.

“We’re ready to begin an ecology initiative to stop the pollution during the elections”, added the leader of the coalition lists Emil Koshlukov.