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Immense tourist interest in “Garga dere”

Submitted on Tuesday, 2 December 2008No Comment
Immense tourist interest in “Garga dere”

An immensely grown tourist interest reported the secretary of the club for alternative and extreme tourism “Mursalitsa” Alexander Inev. The data is for the months July and August – the most suitable for visits in the series of caves near the river Esenska.

Inev noted a growth of nearly 50%, compared to last year – and that doesn’t include the irregular visits in the other months of the year. The tourist route includes visiting the caves with underground rivers, alpinism, hiking thorugh a rock canyon, etc. He also added, that winter visits are infrequent because of the dangers of eroded rock and slippery surfaces. The route will be open for tourists again in the end of March 2009.