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Hotel owners protest the drop of prices

Submitted on Tuesday, 3 March 2009No Comment
Hotel owners protest the drop of prices

The minimum prices for hotel rooms according to the stars rating of each building should be pre-defined in the business. This was proposed by the chief executive of “Balkantourist” Nelly Sandalska. If mandatory minimums according to categories are introduced, it would stop disloyal competition and chaos in the business.

The owners that want to offer prices lower than the pre-defined levels can decrease their own stars, explained Sandalska. Last summer, because of lack of rules and the reckless urbanization of the seaside resorts, the prices radically dropped between competing businessmen, leading to prices of 5-8 euro per night.

These paltry sums can’t cover the stay of the tourist – feeding him, cleaning his room and changing his sheets, or offer him any good services. Indignant business representatives explained that dumping leads to unrealistic expectations in tourists, undermines the value of Bulgaria as a tourism destination and turns local tourism into a cheap product.