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Europe invests 1,5 billion euro in Sofia

Submitted on Thursday, 7 May 2009No Comment

“For the next year – year and a half, we will have a guaranteed investment of a 1 billion – 1,5 billion euro from the eurofunds”, said the mayor of Sofia Boiko Borisov during the opening of a factory for armature iron in the village Mirovyane.

According to the mayor, the money will be used for the construction of the metro tunnel and stations and for the garbage recycling factory.

“My part in the business activities is to ensure constant and fresh financing”, added Borisov.

The informal leader of the political party GERB guaranteed, that by June 17th the money for the trestles for the TV Tower, the Seminar hall, the
Ring Road and “Bulgaria” blvd. will be provided.

“The business must rest assured that there will be things to be done”, added the mayor.