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Discoveries on Old Great Bulgaria from space

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Discoveries on Old Great Bulgaria from space

Russian specialists are currently developing a unique method to discover archaeological objects from space. The first results of the experiment are actually relevant to Bulgarian history. The satellite found not one, but three historical objects in the city Bolgar, capital of the medieval nation Great Bulgaria.

The scientists that conducted the experiment claim that they have found a palace of the khan from 13th – 14th century. If the scientists confirm these discoveries, then the clearing in front of the mosque contains the remains of the palace of one of the grandsons of Genghis khan. This grandson is Batu khan – Mongolian king and conqueror who turned Bolgar into the first capital of the Golden horde.

On the other side of the mosque, archaeologists discovered another ancient building, probably part of a palace complex. They assume that these remains are also part of the khan’s palace.