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Bulgaria – victim of the gas war

Submitted on Tuesday, 6 January 2009No Comment
Bulgaria – victim of the gas war

The British and America media note, that Bulgaria is among the victims of the gas war between Russia and Ukraine.

There are 6 countries that will suffer because “Gasprom” stopped giving gas to Ukraine, wrote the online edition of the “Washington Post” – Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Macedonia.

The Bulgarian minister of economics Petar Dimitrov began talks with some of the biggest industrial ga consumers in the country, announced “International Herald Tribune”. The goal of the talks is to convince the industrial consumers to switch to alternative fuel, because the national gas company “Bulgargas” warned of 10-15% lowering of gas shipments from Russia.

The newspapers note, however, that Bulgaria is far above critical levels, despite it’s reliance on gas from Russia and the cold temperatures in the winter.