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Bulgaria teachers to receive performance based salaries

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Bulgaria teachers to receive performance based salaries

97% of all Bulgarian teachers currently participate in the system for differentiated pay based on performance, according to Daniel Vulchev, Bulgarian Education Minister, who spoke before Darik radio Saturday.

“Initially, I did not put have much hope in the differentiated pay, since some countries use it, and some don’t,” Vulchev said. He further explained that a meeting has been scheduled for the end of September between his Ministry and the teachers’ unions to discuss the introduction of a new system for differentiated teacher pay, based on performance.

According to Vulchev, initially the current levels of professional qualifications, already given to teachers are going to be used to determine different salaries, however, from January 1 2009, a new model of career development was going to become effective, thus improving ways to differentiate teachers’ pay.

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