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Bulgaria chose: GERB at the top

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Bulgaria chose: GERB at the top

GERB won the most votes in the elections for Bulgarian members of parliament in the European parliament.

The sociology agency “Scale” announced that by 18:00 PM, the voting activity was 31%. The socialist party BSP is second.

Thirteen parties and coalitions and one independant candidate participated in today’s elections. Lidia Iordanova from NCIOM presented the prognosis results from the exit polls.

GERB has five mandates from the eurovote; BSP has four; DPS has three, “Ataka” two; the Blue coalition has two and NDSV has one. The coalition “Leader” and the “New Times” gathered 6% of the votes, but due to the aforementioned results will not get a mandate. The prognosis for activity is about 37,5%.

The data from the sociology agency Sova Haris:

GERB – 26%; the socialists Coalition for Bulgaria – 19,8%; DPS – 13,5%; Ataka – 10,8%; the Blue coalition – 8,2%; NDSV – 6,5%; Leader – 5,7%; Napred – 2%.

The data from the exit polls, according to MBMD:

GERB has about 23-25% and gets 5 mandates in the European parliament. BSP has 19% and will have 4 mandates in the EP. DPS has 17% and will get 3 or 4 mandates. Ataka has between 10 and 11%, the Blue coalition – over 8%, NDSV – 6,5%, Leader – 6%, RZS – 5,5%. According to MBMD, Ataka will get 2 mandates, the Blue coalition – one, NDSV will have either one or none.

The results according to Alpha Research:

GERB wins with 25,5% and gets 5 mandates in the EP. The Coalition for Bulgaria has 19,7% and gets 4 mandates. DPS has 14,1% and 3 mandates. Ataka has 11,2% and 2 mandates. The Blue coalition has 8,4% and gets one or two mandates. NDSV has 7% and gets one mandate in the EP. The sociology agency predicts shifts in the number of mandates in the parties after Coalition for Bulgaria.

Ivailo Kalfin triumphantly commented: “The predictions of GERB for an astounding victory were groundless.” According to him, the Bulgarian citizens are unsure of the ideas of GERB.

“We fought to prove that a positive political power has to enter the European Parliament to defend the interests of the Bulgarian citizens”, added Kalfin.

Dimitar Stoianov publicly stated his doubts on the fourth place of “Ataka” in an interview for BNT television. According to him, the results have been manipulated with massive purchase of votes.

According to Dimitar Abadzhiev, RZS will surely have a representative in the EP. He defined that as an accomplishment that proves the cause of the party.

The chairman of GERB Tsvetan Tsvetanov began his commentary with the words: “The government allowed the mass purchase of votes. It ruins the entire voting process. I want to thank all democratic minded citizens that voted and I appeal to you all to vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections.”

“The purchasing of votes is a confirmed fact that is simply unacceptable in a democratic country”, added Tsvetanov.

“I hope that we can win even more citizens for our cause in the upcoming 3-4 weeks”, said Milen Velchev, vice-chairman of NDSV. According to him, the results of his party are satisfactory. Nikolay Vasilev was also optimistic about the performance of NDSV, stating that they will do even better than in the previous EU elections. “I think that the leader of our lists Meglena Kuneva was key to the support for NDSV that was predicted by sociologists”, said Vasilev.

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