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Belasitsa challenges creatively tourists

Submitted on Friday, 21 November 2008No Comment
Belasitsa challenges creatively tourists

The branch in Belasitsa city of the Bulgarian foundation Bioraznoobrazie (Bio variety) organized the official opening of two thematical tourist paths – “The life of the chestnut” and “Butterflies and flowers of Belasitsa” on November 17th 2008. The opening event took place in two villages – Kolarovo and Iavornitsa.

The performance routines of the local community centers – which included both singing and dancing – turned the opening into a true holiday for the locals and guests. The cold weather did not stop the more avid tourists from trying out the new paths.

Specially trained guides present the themed paths in an interesting way – through games, challenge and other methods open to interpretation, so that tourists extract information about the place themselves. Along the way, numerous attractive informational panels have been placed to aid the guide. The tourists that prefer to travel without a guide can just try the informational pamphlets.