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Auctions for 4th and 5th GSM operator to be put up

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Two auctions for GSM operators will be put up by the end of the year. The initial price for the first will be 57 million leva, and for the second – 38 million leva.

This was clarified from the auction procedures published in “National newspaper” by the Committee for regulation of communication.

The first auction is for frequencies 2 x 15 Hz in the range of 1800 MHz and is planned to be put up on December 10th. It will give the buyer a license for usage of a limited resource – radiofrequency spectre that can carry public electronic communication through a mobile network (GSM standard) restricted to bulgarian borders. The license is for a ten year term.

The initial auction price is 57 million leva, and the bidding step is one million leva. The deposit on participation in the auction is 2,5 million leva. The auction is restricted to people with experience in the field of public electronic communication.

Among the requirements of the national committee is also having a one million leva income for the last year for the particular candidate. Foreigners will also be permitted to bid, but if they eventually win the bid, they must register a local juridical official.

The initial auction price for the second GSM operator is 38 million leva. The deposit on participation is 1,5 million leva, and the bidding step – one million leva.

The procedure for a fourth mobile operator, announced in June, was ceased due to a lack of interest. Candidates were missing, even though prices were lower then – the initial auction price was 38 million leva, the deposit on participation – 1,9 million leva, and the bidding step – 2 million leva.

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