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Archaeologists will “dive” under the Valley of roses

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Archaeologists will “dive” under the Valley of roses

An expedition of archaeologists will search thoroughly the famous Bulgarian Valley of roses to find an ancient Thracian city which followed it’s elder Sevtopolis.

The city of the king Sevt was founded in 323 B.C. and was destroyed in 270 B.C., during the supposed invasion of Gaels.

Archaeological research from 60 years ago revealed that the city consisted of a single fortified village, surrounded by a wall (nearly 890 m. long) and several suburbs.

Sevt constructed his capital according to the designs of ancient Greek poleis – with two wide main streets starting from the city gates which crossed each other at a 90 degree angle. They formed a large square with a sanctuary of Dionysus. About 50 families from the aristocracy of Odrin lived in Sevtopolis.

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