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Ancient Bulgaria castle found near greece border

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Ancient Bulgaria castle found near greece border

A castle of a Bulgarian aristocrat has been discovered just a kilometer away from the Greek border, in Ivaylovgrad municipality.

The remains of solid buildings and fortress walls are situated by Huhla village.

Archaeological works were in initiated back in 2004. However, in the last few days it all became clear.

Bozhidar Dimitrov, Minister without portfolio in the new GERB cabinet, and former director of the National History Museum, presented the latest findings.

The fortress was named “Rodestyuick”. The name is known from the chronics of Geoffrey of Villehardoin, a knight who participated in the Fourth Crusade and had passed trough the region a year before Bulgaria’s tsar Kaloyan inflicted a crushing defeat on the Crusade army.

However, scholars believe that local people called the fortress by another name, but Villehardoin heard it as “Rodestyuick”.

A terracotta mask dated back to IV century, which was part of a clay lamp, is one of the most valuable findings. Archaeologists have unearthed three bracelets dated back to 10th century AD, three scales (6th century AD), coins and Old Bulgarian application, the Standart Daily reported.

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