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A significant decrease of tourists is expected this year

Submitted on Thursday, 5 March 2009No Comment
A significant decrease of tourists is expected this year

The head of the Tourism chamber in Varna Gesho Lubenov warned that the decrease of tourists during the winter season is between 30 and 50 percent, and the sign ups for a summer vacation in Bulgaria are between 20 and 40% lower for the various hotels.

According to him, the tourism businessment expect a significantly lower percentage of visitors from Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and Macedonia. Bulgarian tourism is very dependent on these visitors.

Lubenov also warned that if the bleak prognosis comes true, that means the firing of 100 thousand workers from the 400 thousand employees in the business.

The expert thinks, that the expenses for the future unemployed will be significantly greater than the expenses for the government if it takes the needed measures to attract tourists now.

“This isn’t the first time tourism businessmen propose the temporary change to free visas for the tourists from our main markets”, explains Lubenov.