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80 000 Bulgarians work in Greece

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The open letter of the KNSB leader Zheliazko Hristov to the president and the minister of labour and social issues of Bulgaria’s southern neighbour – Greece – states that 80 000 Bulgarians work in Greece.

The letter addresses the recent attack of a Bulgarian in Athens. The letter states: “I am shocked of the brutal assault against the secretary of the syndicate of the maid-servants in Greece – the 44-year-old Konstantina Kuneva, who was attacked with acid on her way home and is now in hospital, her life in danger. The assault isn’t only aimed at the life of Konstantina Kuneva, but against the worker – syndicalist that exercised her right to protest against the labour conditions, refusing to accept a low Christmas bonus from her employer.”

“It is unacceptable to brutally oppress and maltreat syndicate leaders in the 21st century. Their activity is important for the thousands of Bulgarian workers in Greece. I insist on immediate investigation from the responsible institutions in Greece to find the criminals, and I insist that they take action to prevent violence against the colleagues of Konstantina, who received numerous threats for her life because of her syndicate activities.”

Dr. Zheliazko Hristov expresses his expectations to the Greek government to take adequate decisions regarding the fate of nearly 80 000 Bulgarians, working in the Greek grey market.

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