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23 400 leva gathered by the Viennese ball in Sofia

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23 400 leva gathered by the Viennese ball in Sofia

The organizers of the union “Viennese club” announced that the entrance fees and the charity lottery of the ninth Viennese ball in Sofia resulted in a sum of 23 400 leva.

The ball took place on February 14th 2009 in the Sheraton hotel under the patronage of His Highness the ambassador of the Republic of Austria in Bulgaria Klaus Fabian and the vice-prime minister of the Republic of Bulgaria Meglena Plugchieva.

The sum was divided with a decision of the executive council of the “Viennese club”.

The surgery clinic in Gorna banya will get the largest part for the purchase of needed apparatuses worth 7 200 leva. 4 000 leva will be given for an International competition for young opera singers. The National music academy will also receive the same amount of money. The orphanage “St. Konstantin” will receive 3 000 leva.