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205 members of the parliament listen to the first parliamentary control of Borisov

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205 members of the parliament listen to the first parliamentary control of Borisov

205 members of the Bulgarian parliament attended the first parliamentary control of the government “Borisov” last Friday.

Empty halls have been a typical sight during parliamentary control on Fridays during the previous government.

A quick glance over the seats revealed that the parliamentary members from the center and the right sides were numerous, while the seats of the socialists BSP and DPS were almost empty.

The first parliamentary control was short – within thirty minutes the prime minister Borisov and the minister of education Fandakova answered one question each.

The prime minister answered the question of the parliamentary member Lachezar Toshev concerning the politics of the government concerning the clarification of the unions in foreign countries and the invested Bulgarian money abroad.

The issue with unions in foreign countries is a big one, said Lachezar Toshev from the parliamentary tribune as he asked his question to the prime minister.

He asked the same question to the previous government only revealed that the register of unions in foreign countries was sent to an archive. This is the fifth time Toshev asks his questions to the government.

This question has been left unanswered to the Bulgarian society for the last 20 years, said Boiko Borisov to the parliamentary members. Millions of levs have been invested in such unions, according to the report from 2005. The prime minister promised to ask the prime prosecutor to look into the matter personally.