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20 Bulgarian doctors of homeopathy recieved European diplomas

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20 Bulgarian doctors of homeopathy recieved European diplomas

20 Bulgarian Doctors of homeopathy received European diplomas, which exist in the European Union for only 6 moths and allow their owners to practice homeopathy in the countries of the EU. Each diploma is printed in Brussels and has an ID number.

One of the organizers Dr Dora Pachova, chairman of the Associations of the Doctors of homeopathy in Bulgaria, said, ‘Homeopathy exists for more than 200 years, it started to develop in Bulgaria in the 19th century and than was almost completely forgotten. We work in that field for 15 years and we managed to overcome this delay. I’m happy our efforts have been admitted by the European Committee of Homeopathy (ECH), proofs of which are the first European diplomas of our colleagues of homeopathy.’

Special guest of the event was the world-known doctor of homeopathy Dr. Frederic Schreuens from Belgium, who is a member or ECH. He also congratulated the Bulgarian doctors and presented the last computer technologies which help doctors of homeopathy cure their patients.

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