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15 000 millionaires drop anchors in Varna

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15 000 millionaires drop anchors in Varna

Estimates show that at least 15 thousand millionaires from America, Western Europe and Australia will drop anchors in Bulgaria during their cruise travels.

The 2009 season will open earlier than usual – the “Princendam”, cousin of the “Rotterdam”, arrives before Easter. Both giants are property of one of the biggest naval companies in the world, “Holland American Line”, based in Seattle.

“Princendam”, which is just 35 metres shorter than it’s cousin, leads thousands of rich passengers to Varna.

This summer also marks the first arrival of the luxury liners “Seaborn Odyssey” and “Explorer”. “Royal Princess”, named after the Wales princess Diana, will drop anchor at the Varna harbour once again this year. The “Norvegian Gate”, twice as long as “Titanic”, is another newcomer this year.

All these luxury liners lead thousand of rich passengers each year.